Residential Real Estate (Home) Inspection (TREC standards)

The TREC format is used on the Whisper Computer Solutions, Inc. Professional Inspection Reporting Software.

Included is the:

 Structural Systems: Foundation, Drainage, Grading and Gutters, Roof Covering, Roof Structure, Insulation and Ventilation, Exterior and Interior Walls, Ceilings and Floors, Doors, Windows, Stairs, Chimney andFireplace, Balconies, Carports, Decks and Porches.

Electrical Systems: Service Entrance and Panels, Branch Circuits, Connected Devices and Fixtures.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Cooling Systems: Cooling and Heating Equipment, Duct Systems, Chases and Vents. 

Plumbing Systems: Distribution Systems, Fixtures and Plumbing Supply, Drains, Wastes and Vents, Water Heating Equipment, Hydro-Massage Therapy Equipment and Gas Supply Systems.

Appliances: Dishwashers, Food Waste Disposers, Range Hood and Exhaust Systems, Cooktops, Ovens and Ranges, Microwave ovens, Mechanical Exhaust Vents and Bathroom Heaters, Garage Door Operators, and Dryer Exhaust Systems. 

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection (TDA Standards)

The wood destroying insect report commonly known as a "termite inspection" is available FREE with every paid home inspection. If you are looking to have only the WDI Inspection feel free to contact us as well.

Optional Inspection Services

Commercial Building Properties

Some properties have extras listed below that can also be inspected for an additional fee.

Landscape Irrigation (Sprinkler) Systems

Hot Tubs, Spas, Swimming Pools and Equipment


Private Water Wells

Private Sewage Disposal (Septic) Systems